We are elated to announce the second edition of our 31 Days Walk Challenge holding from 1 July – 31 July 2021. As a Society that firmly believes in the principle of sound minds in sound bodies, we are pushing the envelope this year by introducing a double layer challenge viz:

  1. Walk Challenge
  2. Weight Loss Challenge

The challenge is designed to encourage members, candidates, and industry practitioners to:

  • focus more on a healthy lifestyle
  • foster a habit of exercising
  • deepen a sense of community, and
  • have fun

See competition rules, criteria for winner selection, and prizes below:

31 Days Walk Challenge Categories

Competition Rules and Criteria for Winner Selection

  1. Participants must be eligible to compete (i.e. belong to any of the listed categories).
  2. Download Pacer App and join our group
  3. Complete at least 10,000 steps daily for 31 days
  4. Every day you complete 10,000 steps you earn 1 point. (i.e you must accumulate 31 points for 31 days to stand a chance to win)
  5. Winners to be selected from each category based on total accumulated steps.

Competition Rules and Criteria for Winner Selection

The same rules as stated above apply. The winning group is determined by the average of the top 5 steppers in each group.

 Recognition as winner and dinner with the BOG.

Competition Rules and Criteria for Winner Selection

Participants are required to do the following:

  1. On July 1, send a 10 secs unbroken video clip showing your face and weight reading on the scale.
  2. Sign an attestation form verifying the accuracy of the weight reported.
  3. Send in video clips of weight readings on the scale every fortnight on the following dates – 6th & 20th July, 3rd, 17th & 31st August.
  4. Participants must be active regular or affiliate members of the society
  5. The winner will be determined by the highest percentage of weight loss (difference between opening and closing weight readings as determined by the Society Office).

To signify interest in joining this competition, please fill the form below.

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Meet the Candidates

Position of the President

Position of the Vice President

Position of the General Secretary

Position of the Assistant General Secretary

Position of the Treasurer

Nominations & Electoral Committee
Ayodele Arogbo, CFA
Nominations Committee
Banji Fehintola, CFA
Nominations Committee
Sade Odunaiya, CFA
Nominations Committee
Tokunbo Ishmael, CFA
Nominations Committee
Dave Uduanu, CFA
Funsho Doherty, CFA