Title Head, Research – ARM Securities
Categories External Vacancies
Job Information

Job Objective(s)
▪ The Position Holder is responsible for providing oversight over the research/analysis of securities data-target industries, markets, and capital markets, with the aim of providing own audience with a robust evidence-base in making investment decisions.

Duties and Responsibilities
▪ Research: Oversees the collection of market data & trend-spotting on various classes of security instruments, and their transformation into actionable information through fundamental, technical, and quantitative analysis, presented in periodic research notes with the
aim of supporting investment decision-making by both internal teams (i.e. client relations, & proprietary trading desks), and the company’s clientele (retail and institutional). The Position Holder is also responsible for providing analytical support in the production, and maintenance of marketing collaterals for the securities business.

▪ Portfolio Optimization: Lead detailed, and extensive analysis of investment portfolios to both internal teams, and the company’s clientele with the aim of driving their effective decision-making in deriving maximum return, and minimizing costs like financial costs within the context of constraints such as regulations, taxes, and transaction costs.

▪ Support Business Development Activities: Develop customized marketing documents, and research for the purpose of sales pitches to prospective institutional clients. The Position Holder is also expected to actively participate in the firm’s sales roadshows to both local, and foreign institutional clients, as well as in presentations to clients.

▪ Strategic Initiatives: Responsible for driving the implementation of strategic initiatives that sustain/improve the organization’s competitive advantage within its operating environment.

▪ Product Development: Contribute to the creation, or modification the company’s product offerings with the objective of providing new or additional benefits to customers, as well as enhancing the company’s competitiveness and market dominance.

Supports Team’s Development: Provides advice, guidance, and assistance to less
experienced colleagues as required.

▪ Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
▪ MBA or other advanced degrees in finance.
▪ Relevant professional qualifications in finance, and investment management (e.g. CIS, CFA, ACCA).

▪ Minimum of 6 years of cognate experience in a similar role.

Key Competencies
▪ Achievement (BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Analytical Thinking ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Customer Service Orientation (Level 3/4)
▪ Entrepreneurship ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Flexibility ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Holding People Accountable ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Intercultural Competence ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Leading and Developing Others ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Professional Confidence ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Relationship Building for Influence ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Self-Awareness ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Team Working ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Working Strategically ( BHR – Level 3/4)
▪ Communicating Effectively (Level 3/4)

▪ Customer Industry Knowledge (CSV002 – Level 3/4)
▪ Capital Expenditure and Investment Evaluation (IMG001 – Level 3/4)
▪ Mergers and Acquisition (IMG002 – Level 2/4)
▪ Business Valuation (IMG003 – Level 4/4)
▪ Corporate Funding (IMG004 – Level 2/4)
▪ Research (IMG005 – Level 4/4)
▪ Research (IMG005 – Level 4/4)
▪ Securities and Derivatives Trading (BDV006 – Level 3/4)
▪ Strategy (SSP001 – Level 3/4)
▪ Benchmarking (SSP002 – Level 3/4)
▪ Macroeconomic Analysis (SSP005 – Level 4/4)
▪ Market and Regulatory Environment (SSP006 – Level 4/4)
▪ Business Acumen (SSP007 – Level 3/4)

Reporting Relationships
Functionally reports to: Managing Director, ARM Securities
Administratively reports to: Managing Director, ARM Securities
Supervises: Research Analyst

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