Title Head, Investment Management – ARM Investment Managers
Categories External Vacancies
Job Information

Job Objective(s)
– The Position Holder is responsible for providing leadership to the investment management function of the company, through effective market analysis, portfolio management, and asset the company by collaborating with the Board of Directors, and the Executive management Committee of the Holding Company to establish long-range goals, strategies, plans and policies.

– The Position Holder is responsible for contributing to the formulation of investment strategies, product development and process improvement initiatives; maintain coverage of assigned research responsibilities; ensuring efficient trade execution, portfolio administration and transaction processing; supporting Primary Portfolio Managers, and maintaining secondary responsibility for asset portfolio.

Duties and Responsibilities
Stakeholder Engagement: Build advantageous relationships across the firm, as well as with key decision-makers in organizations in which ARM either already has an existing relationship, or are in the organization’s client pipeline, in order to support the growth of the firm’s client base and Assets Under Management (AUM), as well as its long-term business growth. The Position Holder is also required to sit on the executive, investment and mutual funds committees of the organization.

– Investment Strategy: Active contribution to the development and implementation of strategies to improve the portfolio management function. The Position Holder is also responsible for the implementation of agreed investment strategies and action plans and ensuring adherence to investment mandates and client profiles.

– Market Research and Analysis: Leads market research and analysis efforts into uncovering both global and local macroeconomic trends, extensive research into various financial instruments and in-depth review of mostly publicly traded companies, in order to
understand current trends, and forecast future performance, with the aim of applying this knowledge to managing the firm’s

– Manage Portfolio Performance: Develop portfolio performance benchmarks and targets based on factual market information on an annual basis, or at any other frequency interval requested.

– Review Investment Proposals: Review proposals for investment in quoted equities, bonds, and money market securities. Prepare funds management proposals to current and prospective clients.

– Develop Procedures and Processes: Produce and implement a manual of procedures and
processes for all investment-related activities.

– Trade Execution: Trade execution, including compilation and dissemination of approved portfolio trade orders to counterparties. The Position Holder is also responsible for ensuring efficient and accurate posting of portfolio and transaction data.

– Asset Allocation: Review on a constant basis, the asset allocation of mutual funds to ensure compliance with the trust deeds.

People Management: Responsible for driving and sustaining strategic people management practices that support the organization’s ability to achieve its corporate objectives through optimal talent resourcing, employee engagement, talent management, and people development

– Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited university.
– Professional certification in finance and/or accounting from a recognized professional body (e.g. CFA, CGMA, ACCA, ICAN, etc.

– Minimum of 15 years of work experience in a similar role.

Key Competencies
– Achievement (BHR – Level 4/4)
– Analytical Thinking ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Customer Service Orientation (Level 4/4)
– Entrepreneurship ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Flexibility ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Holding People Accountable ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Intercultural Competence ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Leading and Developing Others ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Professional Confidence ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Relationship Building for Influence ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Self-Awareness ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Team Working ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Working Strategically ( BHR – Level 4/4)
– Communicating Effectively (Level 4/4)

– Market and Regulatory Environment (SSP006 – Level 3/4)
– Business Acumen (SSP008 – Level 4/4)
– Business Valuation (IMG003 – Level 4/4)
– Research (IMG006 – Level 4/4)
– Securities and Derivatives Trading (IMG007 – Level 4/4)

Reporting Relationships
– Functionally reports to: Managing Director, ARM Investment Managers
– Administratively reports to: Managing Director, ARM Investment Managers
– Supervises: Senior Portfolio Manager, Offshore Assets; Senior Portfolio Manager, Domestic Fixed Income; Senior Portfolio Manager, Domestic Equities

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