CFA Institute Opens Lagos Test Center for June 2018 Exams

We are pleased to inform you that CFA Institute today has announced the opening of the Lagos test centre for the June 2018 CFA examination. If you wish to change your test centre to Lagos, please do so urgently as there is limited capacity. Best wishes from CFA Society Nigeria.

11 thoughts on “CFA Institute Opens Lagos Test Center for June 2018 Exams

    1. The details are open to those who are registered for the June 2018 exams, but you can be assured that it will be easily accessible to candidates and comfortable. If you are registered for the December 2018 or other future exams you will receive updates and instructions on how to book a Nigerian exam centre closer to your exam date.

      1. Am registered for December 2018, and of course Ghana is currently my test centre…how soon can i change, since you say there is limited capacity?

  1. Hope this option of making Nigeria as our test centre will also be available for December registrants? And if yes, how do we get informed in order to update our test centre accordingly? Thank you.

    1. Yes, it will be. The development has come to stay. If you are a registered candidate for the exam, you will get the information once the time comes.

  2. Please I need to register what are the criteria. I will be gland if you send me detail via my personal email


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